Warsaw Industry Week 2021 – Report and Results

12 Nov 2021

OLSOM had a great time while taking part in Warsaw Industry Week, an outstanding European event for the industries.

Our team had conducted a long preparation and development of prototypes. With the support of our technology partners  DOGA | ASSEMBLY TECHNOLOGY and Arkite NV – Operator Guidance System we succeeded to demonstrate our own products on a real working system. Our primary focus at Warsaw Industry Week 2021 venue was to demonstrate how discrete manufacturing benefits from OLSOM software in terms of quality improvement, elimination of human errors, and reduction of production losses.

To make the demonstration more visible we used three stations with our core products.

The first station with Doga Screwdriver helped to show AGW Platform and AGW Visual. Visitors were able to test an assembly algorithm controlling each stage of the assembly and observe the process of storing traceability and visualization of trace data.

The second station demonstrated our solutions for one of the core demands of manufactories – the OEE index. In a fun and tasty way, people could help to increase the efficiency of the station and observe the results in a real time.

 The last station we realized with our partner Arkite. The algorithm for packaging products is set to avoid the wrong order and re-sorting. Our packing station for 90% displays the real process on the plant.

All visitors noticed the convenience and intelligibility of proposed solutions.

Participation in the event co-financed under the project entitled: “Strengthening the position of the regional economy, Western Pomerania – Steering for innovation” implemented under the Regional Operational Program of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship 2014-2020 “.