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We have been delivering quality software solutions for manufacturing and logistics companies since 2009.
OLSOM is an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) and Solution Provider (SP).
We provide a full cycle of software design, development, and integration services. The cutting-edge solutions by OLSOM are high-quality, flexible, and scalable.
We support one another and extend this support to our partners.
All of us are different but no matter who you are, you are an equal on our team.
We think that having fun is the best way to work. So we try to have a good time in our lives and at our jobs.
Driving smart solutions to enhance manufacturing efficiency and empower sustainable growth​
Years on
a market
8 industries
50+ facilities
12 countries
Expanding into the US market. Rapid growth of our team in Europe and the USA. AGW got a trademark status in the US.
War in Ukraine leads to new working conditions, but we continue to support customers 24/7. Opened an office in the USA. Partner program launched.
active expansion in Ukraine and Poland. Moving to a new office in downtown Kyiv. Expanding our portfolio with 3 new industries. Deepening products and expanding functionality.
Covid crisis teaches MES consultants to implement solutions and conduct training remotely
opened office in Poland. accent on instant visualization of manufacturing KPIs, global enterprise KPIs.
extension of OLSOM services to the Aerospace industry and Automotive OEMs
birth of AGW OEE – software focused on performance visualization and production metric
extension of OLSOM services to the Food Processing, Chemicals and Raw Materials industries
birth of AGW WMS – Warehouse Management System for manufacturing and logistics facilities
birth of AGW MES – MES software for discrete manufacturing
birth of AGW IP – integration platform for robust real-time complex systems
company founded as a System Integrator of MES solutions for Automotive industry
We offer sophisticated approaches to automating a broad range of industrial processes We offer sophisticated approaches to automating a broad range of industrial processes
Creating sophisticated equipment for the needs of the aerospace industry requires strict quality control and adherence to the execution of the mission-critical operations.
AGW software can assist you in execution of multistep processes with high intensity by creating sequencing scenarios and using dynamic product routing. We support different types of assembly lines: conveyor, sub-assembly, partial, and full, and provide quality control at each stage of production. You can monitor all the essential production parameters on a single screen and quickly address changes. Since the assembly processes in the aerospace industry are often with low volume and high variability in configuration, they may need a degree of customization every time. To ensure constant high quality of the final items, AGW allows you to create detailed work instructions and checklists for every process, with real-time visibility for plant management.
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The automotive industry has been our primary market for years, and we are continually developing our expertise in this niche.
Moreover, AGW MES software helps automotive enterprises of any size to stay compliant with IATF 16949 standard and pass the certifications necessary to attract large transnational companies. Our customers include OEM, Tier-1, and TIer-2 manufacturers, and we support all production scenarios: sequencing, up-to-order, prototyping, assembly, etc. We offer complete product and process traceability at any production stage, enterprise-wide quality control with visible results, and higher customer satisfaction. Become our customer today and transform your factory!
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Marked by high-precision assembly processes, high amounts of data collection, and rigorous quality control, the electronics industry relies on the cooperation between humans and machines to deliver high-quality results.
AGW enables real-time data collection and monitoring to help you spot and address even the smallest process deviations right away. The system also stores the data and allows you to create statistical reports by one or several production parameters to see your workflow clearly. We assist in every production processes: welding, packing, kitting, sorting, assembly, etc. AGW allows you to control multiple simultaneous operations on the same piece of equipment and create detailed instructions for workers.
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Reach the operational efficiency and reduce quality defects while increasing production output to maximize profitability
AGW software helps you identify and manage scrap parts and control the production quality within a single screen. Our MES gives your workers powerful digital tools, ensuring effective training, error-free work, and employee retention. Create detailed work instructions and checklists for essential processes to decrease operators’ mistakes and improve their productivity. We support different types of assembly lines: conveyor, cellular, sub-assembly, sequencing, etc. AGW enables dynamic production routing to optimize equipment performance and maximize output.
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Achieving success in the intricate realm of Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) demands unwavering precision and maximum efficiency.
From crafting intricate HVAC equipment to maintaining stringent quality standards, AGW supports every facet of a production journey. Our software empowers you with real-time data collection, robust quality control, and seamless production monitoring Whether orchestrating sequencing scenarios, managing multistep processes, or optimizing dynamic product routing, AGW is your partner in achieving operational excellence.
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Home and outdoor equipment
We work with OEM, Tier-1, and Tier-2 manufacturers and support inventory methods like FIFO (First In, First Out), LIFO (Last in, First Out), and WAC (Weighted Average Cost).
AGW assists in error-proofing and staff management to minimize human factor at every production stage. We support sub-assembly, partial, and full assembly types and enable quality control with automatic and manual data input. Our MES software helps you create a traceability network at your facility, stick to production goals with clear dashboards, and get to the root cause of waste with scrap codes.
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We understand the importance and mission-critical nature of the operations we support!
8000 Stations
24/7 Support
Delivered a custom-made production execution system that is deployed for engine assembly and general assembly of Hyundai vehicles.
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Hanon systems
The production execution is delivered system to provide sequence control and tracking of all manufacturing process.
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Designing, building, delivering, and supporting digital solutions to optimize manufacturing operations at production facilities around the globe.
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Designed, implemented, and supported a solution that collects and organizes manufacturing data for traceability and in-sequence production of fully outfitted content Cockpit Modules for vehicles.
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Briggs and Stratton
Tailored and delivered the production execution system to guide operators, error proof the process, collect, organize and store process data, and maintain tooling for assembly
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Creating a tailored digital solution for the optimization of a worldwide network of manufacturing and logistics operations with post-delivery support
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Delivered a tailor-made production execution system for operator control, error-proofing and all stages of data processing, provided tooling maintenance for assembly
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Tailored and delivered the production execution system to collect data from a few safety critical torque tools for America manufacturer several differing Fork lift truck
Tailored and delivered a Tools Data Manager solution that collects, organizes and provides access to the data from the torque tools
Bolzoni Auramo
Created a Tools Data Manager solution that drives assembly operations for lift truck production
Daimler Truck
The system guides operators step-by-step through the assembly process, error-proofs the execution, collects process data and reports to the plant management.
Delivered a Tools Data Manager system that collects, aggregates and visualizes data from torque tools used for the assembly of Tesla transmissions
Consolidated Metco
Created a tailored production and execution system with operator guides, data processing and organization, error-proofing and post-delivery tooling maintenance
Detroit Diesel Corporation
Delivered a Tools Data Manager system that collects, aggregates and visualizes data from Stanley torque tools used in the assembly of diesel engines.
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