AGW Visual
AGW Visual
AGW Visual
AGW Visual covers most common production processes: scrap declaration, performance monitoring, maintenance, scheduling, etc.
• tracks essential KPIs: OEE, BTS, MTBF, MTTR, etc
• helps reduce human errors at every production stage
• supports gradual scaling from a single workstation
• aids in paperless documentation
• can be expanded to a production route or the entire facility with AGW Optimization

Production KPIs: OEE, BTS, MBTF, MBTR, etc

Production scheduling and reporting

Quality management

Maintenance and downtime management

Digital specifications

Operators assistance

AGW Optimization
AGW Optimization
AGW Optimization
Detail-oriented manufacturing execution system that reduces cost losses, increases quality, improves effectiveness.
• tracks the essential production metrics
• collects data from all equipment and helps monitor the performance in real-time
• prevents human errors on high-speed production processes
• enables quality control at any production stage
• an extensive library of more than 100 - reports covering all aspects of production
• allows to quickly address any production deviations and avoid waste

System integration

Traceability and compliance

Production sequencing


Production KPIs

SPC and quality control

Scrap and waste prevention

Operators assistance

Downtime management

Maintenance assistance

Deviation management

Digital specifications

Staff management

Reporting and control

Global visibility corporate level

AGW Platform
AGW Platform
AGW Platform
core platform for the rest AGW products
• can be used as a standalone process automation tool
• flexible, supports unique operations at your facility
• integrates with various IT solutions (ERP, databases, manufacturing apps)
• accessible solution for data synchronization on every facility level
• supports traceability and data storage


System integration

Human-machine interface (HMI)

Label printing

AGW Inventory
AGW Inventory
AGW Inventory
AGW Inventory provides the ability to monitor and optimize your inventory items' movement: from the receipt to the time when finished products leave your facility.
• streamlines all warehouse processes from raw material reception to shipment
• collects up-to-the-minute information on inventory quantities, location, status, and event history
• ensures non-stop production and allows you to balance the demand and supply of stock
• assists an operator in tag creation and management at any point of the products’ life cycle in the warehouse
• optimizes the use of storage space in the most efficient way
• creates detailed reports on available storage and weight on racks

Warehouse management

Serialization tracking and tracing (barcodes, RFID, QR-codes)

Storage management

Logistics optimization

Stock availability monitoring

Reporting and control

We understand that this is
not simply a technology purchase
this is your journey.
Smart manufacturing optimizes productivity, quality, risk management, and sustainability.
System integration + + + +
Data exchange +
Production KPIs: OEE, BTS, MBTF, MBTR, etc + +
Production schedule + +
BOM management + +
Operations + +
Downtime management​ + +
Track and trace (traceability) +
Resource management + +
Checklists + +
Scrap management + +
Digital specifications (work instructions) + +
Rework + +
Error proofing +
Support of operator assistance (operator guidance) + +
Changeover management + +
Maintenance assistance + +
Deviation management +
Warehouse management + +
Logistics + +