AGW Visual

AGW Visual covers most common production processes: scrap declaration, performance monitoring, maintenance, scheduling, etc.
• tracks essential KPIs: OEE, BTS, MTBF, MTTR, etc
• helps reduce human errors at every production stage
• supports gradual scaling from a single workstation
• aids in paperless documentation
• can be expanded to a production route or the entire facility with AGW Optimization
transforming raw material into semi-finished one
processes printing
Production Reporting and KPIs
Analyze and increase efficiency using production quantity visualization, KPI calculation and data on historical shifts.
Downtime reduction
Eliminate unplanned downtimes to reduce expenses by investigating the most common downtime causes.
Staff management
Minimize human error with strict access control based on assigned qualification. Assisting operators with action checklists.
Scrap management
Cut losses by finding and eliminating scrap causes with visualized data of major causes.
Maintenance management
Organize maintenance processes by controlling each step of operations to decrease time waste.
Changeover management
Visualize changeover schedule, compare spent time to planned time, and analyze production time waste.
Production Scheduling
Avoid falling behind schedule with the control tool. Plan your schedule manually or integrate from internal resources.
Deviation management
Accelerate response to emerging inconsistencies to minimize production expenses.
Monitor your factory processes in real time with AGW Visual.

View the critical production indicators, receive instant alerts on manufacturing issues via email, paging messaging systems or dashboard notifications.

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AGW Visual can be accessed with standard web browsers.

Service compatible with on-premises servers and cloud hosting and can be used via all modern web browsers.

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AGW Visual serves a broad range of customizable reports.

You can order custom report development from our support specialists or set up your reports with AGW Report Designer.

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AGW Visual can be customized and tailored to customer requirements.

Solutions assume the customization of object properties, names, changing the UI layout and many other changes without touching the code. Integrate AGW Visual with other MES modules to build a holistic manufacturing ecosystem.

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Applications are powered with advanced interfacing.

With AGW interfaces, you can establish a robust communication between MES and your plant floor equipment, ERP systems, quality systems and other manufacturing applications and technologies.

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