Automotive general assembly
2016 till now
AGW Platform
business Task_
Tool data management enhancement


A system based on AGW Platform helps operators to choose the correct settings for screwdrivers.
The system traces the correct sequence and intensity for twisting bolts. It collects all the data during the assembly process and stores it according to international security standards, such as IATF 16949.

 OLSOM entered an already working plant. Our  core task was to organize data traceability for screwdrivers on engine assembly lines for compliance with a safety certificate.

AGW platform was installed on a Hyundai Motor Company plant and integrated with the partner’s system in 2016, while 80 assembly lines were working on the plant. It was large-scale manufacturing at that time. In the last several years, manufacturing has nearly doubled. Because ofAGW’s flexibility, we successfully integrated despite the new challenges.


Key challenges

At the moment 120 assembly lines are running at the plant. The system should be able to gather and process data from all stations simultaneously. It is a big load on the server but our system successfully deals with this task.
Catalyst Solutions Inc.
AGW Platform has facilitated an increase in the efficiency and reliability of manufacturing and helps trace all important data from assembly lines while following international security certificates.