OLSOM offers several levels of training programs for customers and partners. Each level addresses the specific industrial needs and target audience.

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Level 1 – End User Training.

OLSOM End User Training program aims to overview the delivered solution. Our training specialists covers multiple aspects of the solution:


  • Features;
  • Functions;
  • Operator, maintenance, and quality procedures;
  • Application Master Data and Operations management;
  • Data analysis;
  • Exception management.


OLSOM training specialists provide your staff with a profound understanding of the proper system use.

Key audience:

• Engineers and technologists
• Production managers
• MP&L managers and engineers
• Quality managers and engineers
• Team and shift leaders
• Operators
• Methods
• Local IT

Level 2 – Administrative Training.

OLSOM Administrative Training covers the solution architecture and infrastructure. Our training team tells you about application maintenance procedures, guidelines for proactive monitoring. We teach your employees to troubleshoot the solution and manage users.

Your staff will be able to administer the system and provide first-level support after participating in the OLSOM Administrative Training.

Key audience:

• System administrators and local IT
• Methods
• System integrators and solution providers

Level 3 – Basic AGW System Training.

OLSOM training team provides your staff with insight into AGW systems. We cover the full range of AGW functionality:

  • AGW IP configuration;
  • AGW Web Portal;
  • AGW data model;
  • Custom AGW reports;
  • Troubleshooting aspects.


As soon as we finish the training, your employees can get down to AGW system administration, first and second-level system support. They can also perform small adjustments in your AGW solution.

Key audience:

• System administrators
and local IT
• System integrators
and solution providers

Level 4 – Advanced AGW System Training.

AGW system is a flexible ecosystem for diverse business objectives. We teach your employees to adjust the AGW to fit your needs with the Advanced AGW System Training program. Here’s what we offer:


  • Training on the AGW technologies. We explain the principles, technologies, and architecture of AGW solutions;
  • AGW development. Our training specialists cover the AGW IP platform configuration, working with AGW IP workflows development. Your employees will be able to map the business processes and entities to AGW workflows;
  • AGW solution optimization. OLSOM team teaches you to design ergonomic HMIs and product labels. We also cover the tech part: AGW IP scripting and SQL stored procedures optimization. OLSOM shows you how to enhance software performance and balance the loads.


Advanced AGW System Training enables your staff to design, develop, implement, and support AGW solutions.

Key audience:

• System integrators
and solution providers

Level 5 – Advanced Custom Training on Certain AGW Technologies.

OLSOM holds training sessions on the specific AGW functionality. Whether you need to improve your internal expertise on SQL queries in AGW or require to educate your employees on the Web Portal data model, OLSOM is always ready to hold custom training exactly for your needs.


Such a program allows your people to enhance specific AGW technology expertise and learn how to use AGW products more efficiently.

Key audience:

• System integrators
and solution providers