Staff management_

To avoid unsanctioned system accessing or data use by non-qualified personnel that can potentially lead to data loss, its incorrect use or hardware failure, AGW solutions applied the best practices to secure your business.

With our management system you can monitor your workers’ qualification and create the matrix of skills to assign tasks accordingly. Feel free to establish the required qualifications for certain processes and ask workers to pass the attestation before assigning them tasks. This way the system won’t allow a worker to perform a task if he hasn’t passed all the necessary qualifications and prevent any possible data leaks or hardware misuse. Aside from avoiding unnecessary downtimes, this will also help prevent accidents and make your production site safer.

Moreover, you can see the availability of workers in real time and if they take any unscheduled breaks which helps to evaluate the actual work performance of every employee.

Such a solution allows to understand the actual production capacities and make informed decisions on how to improve it.

A warning screen showing that an attempt to log in from an operator with insufficient qualification
Work Station-Roles (login)
Workstation-Roles (login)
AGW Security Tool-Roles
AGW Security Tool-Roles

This feature is available as a part of AGW Visual and AGW Optimization.

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