Having troubles organizing sequencing production? It is uneasy for you to monitor the process without manual records in your notebook where you later loose those records? Multiple orders look confusing and overwhelming?

AGW sequencing possibilities will allow you to monitor different stages of orders fulfillment. It will ensure the creation of all the necessary reports, providing operators with the step-by-step schedule order, so that you will only need to set the priorities for your business. Reduce waiting time, meet customer demands, and ensure that the manufacturing process runs smoothly. Spend only 20 minutes instead of the previously wasted 4 hours to check and analyze the reports so you can use the now free time for making your processes more efficient and profitable.

AGW supports various Sequencing scenarios and allows you to optimize production routing, using the facility equipment at its maximum potential.

AGW Workstation Screen for the packing process

Production sequencing is a part of AGW Optimization and allows you to connect different pieces of equipment in the facility to optimize the overall production flow.

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