Quality Management_

No one is safe from mistakes: human or technological, they can lead to a lower quality of the final product. Moreover, it takes time to fix such errors which may affect the efficiency of your manufacturing.

But hold no worries: AGW allows to easily identify the most common production deviations and their causes thanks to its proprietary Quality Management module.

The included functions make it easier to maintain a high-level production quality at any stage and minimize human errors that add cost value. Mark any scrap only with a couple of clicks, check the items using heat maps, create detailed reports on scrapped parts and production deviations to identify potential bottlenecks and eliminate them, identify the cause of deviations at any point using the provided functionality of the module. All this helps making the informed decisions based on your actual production capacities and improve the workflow in the long run.

AGW Quality Management module allows such methods of data collection:

  • Automatic: the system collects signals from connected equipment using sensors or other types of IoT devices.
  • Manual: the operator enters data in the system manually after the visual inspection of a part or an item.
  • Hybrid: combine your favorite functions from automatic and manual methods to gather data the most comfortable way.

AGW Workstation Scrap Declaration Screen
AGW Workstation Scrap Declaration Screen
AGW Workstation Heat Map Screen
AGW Workstation Heat Map Screen

You can track the production quality on a single workstation or scale it up to the whole facility. Also, quality inspections and tracking are featured in the Inventory module, so you can ensure that only high-quality parts and raw materials enter your factory.

AGW scrap report by type per part

Certain functions of Quality Module are a part of AGW Visual, and you can find the extended functionality in AGW Optimization as well.

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