Production Reporting & SPC_

Knowing exactly what’s happening inside your facility and collecting useful data from every piece of equipment may be an uneasy task to fulfill. 


Aren’t aware of the most frequent scrap locations and their causes on your facilities? – Heat maps will help you in tracking and analyzing such data.

Identify the top reasons for failure that contribute to 80% of the loss of quality or address bottlenecks in your enterprise using our Pareto charts.

Track tendencies, analyze the overall production efficiency, and make necessary corrections and adjustments in a production process with the help of Traceability reports.

Checking and analyzing Downtime reports provided in our solution will help you make informed decisions about equipment upgrades, workers reevaluation, and adjusting your production capacities.

Our solutions contain more than 100 of pre-installed report types to choose from!

Along with that, AGW allows creating detailed SPC reports to help you control certain processes at your facility and see if they fall within the established limits. SPC is a comprehensive quality control tool that not only allows tracking essential metrics such as equipment performance, scrap and waste percentage, and many others, but to analyze these trends over time to pinpoint any issues with your production flow and address them.

Additionally, you can configure your own report, which will then be stored in the system and available for export into analytics tools for finding out the most efficient solutions.

Histogram report for screw tightening results

SPC report for screw tightening results

This function is available in our AGW Optimization package.

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