Welcome the new Summer Hot Release AGW 2022.01

Software update
28 Jun 2022

We are pleased to announce AGW version 2022.01 released on June 28th. We continue to provide manufacturing companies with complete MES software. We understand that smart manufacturing optimizes productivity, quality, risk management and sustainability. That is why we continue to work on improving our products to comply all customer needs.

AGW 2022.01 accumulates numerous functional enhancements to the Workstation, Visactory, Portal. Introduced enhancements are reflected in AGW Visual and AGW Optimization software products and include the next:

  1. Upgraded one of the AGW core applications – Data Router. The Data Router update provides: High-frequency data update from the server, Faster connection restoration, Scalability to handle increasing traffic
  2. Upgraded production schedule management for the AGW Visual Workstation.
  • From now the user can manage the production of different items directly from the Workstation: Edit the quantity of produced items, block/unblock production, see previously produced items, skip production of the specific item
  • Added Iframes to AGW visual workstation. From now on, it is possible to embed any external link that can be opened directly on the Workstation screen. There can be links to other applications, windows, videos, or other interactive elements. The feature can be implemented as a button inside the functional block or as a menu item on a navigation bar.
  1. Completely redesigned Visactory Admin Area and simplified the process of creation of new Visactory pages. We added the most common functional components, which are easily managed and relocated with the drag and drop functionality.
  2. Upgraded reports on AGW Portal provide more possibilities for management.

Updated Jobs report and the Jobs detail modal window;

  • To export Job details to Excel and CSV files:
  • To print Job details
  • To see and download all the attached files
  • To expand and collapse the table with the trace parameters

Reports are enhanced with new chart types for the graphical representation of data. New charts are more flexible and can process a bigger amount of data. We optimized reports’ processing and increased reports rendering speed. Working with the filter elements has become smoother and faster even with a large number of parameters in the drop-down lists.

The upcoming release of AGW 2022.02, which is scheduled to be out in winter 2022, is focused on expanding the maintenance capabilities of AGW products, including advanced asset management (AM) and predictive maintenance.

Reach out to OLSOM to find out more about the AGW 2022.01 release and begin your journey to manufacturing excellence.