OLSOM is Celebrating a Decade of Success

12 Jul 2021

This year OLSOM celebrates its 10th anniversary and looks back at the past decade with great excitement and pride.

Since the foundation, back in 2011, we at OLSOM were passionate about 2 things: software engineering and excellence of manufacturing operations. Working as system integrators for manufacturing prior to the company’s foundation, we were facing gaps in the MES/MOM software we integrated and dreamed of the consistent, unified platform being flexible and robust at the same time to satisfy very unique requirements of complex manufacturing environments. We had no funding behind our backs. But we had much more than funding: our passion to make things work and priceless support of our clients and partners. This is where we started 10 years ago.

Today’s OLSOM is a global client-centric vendor of MES/MOM solutions under the AGW trademark that has been recognized by dozens of manufacturing companies around the globe. More than 50 factories in 13 countries on 4 continents gain benefits from our software and services. OLSOM has become a family of 35+ experts in software engineering, MES/MOM consultancy, production support, and system integration. We’ve managed to develop the center of competence in Manufacturing IT, 24/7 Production Support system, developing Training Center and partner network. In 10 years AGW software changed 3 technology generations constantly extending with new values for the Customers. We have to admit there have been 10 great years, 10 years of success.

These days we at OLSOM family are looking forward to the next decade and invite all our employees, friends, clients, and partners to share our success!


Happy Birthday, OLSOM!