New Winter Release AGW 2022.02

Software update
18 Jan 2023

Despite all the difficulties of the last year, we remain steadfast in our commitment to success and to develop our product and continue to empower manufacturing companies by providing comprehensive Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software solutions. So, now we are thrilled to announce AGW version 2022.02, the latest version of our software!

The new AGW version 2022.02 is packed with features and enhancements that respond the latest industry 4.0 and smart factory trends:

  1. We developed an SPC (Statistical Process Control) feature as an important and powerful tool for identifying and addressing process inefficiencies.

By monitoring key metrics, it helps organizations identify and address sources of variation in their processes. This helps to reduce costs, improve quality, and boost productivity. Additionally, SPC can be used to identify root causes of process problems and to determine the most effective corrective action to take. By understanding process variation, organizations can make better decisions and improve their bottom line.

We provide ready-to-use Sixpack analysis charts that will lay out the most comprehensive visualization of the key SPC values:

  • Control charts
  • Values plot
  • Histogram
  • Capability plot
  • Probability plot

But as well we provide the flexible configuration tool for creating custom SPC parameters, which will suite more to your business and your needs.


  1. We understand the importance of energy consumption analysis to identify ways to reduce energy waste and ways to increase efficiency, energy savings opportunities and reduce energy costs

In this release we’ve added a new energy consumption analysis tool to help you monitor and manage your energy usage.

This feature will provide you with:

  • Comprehensive information about energy consumption by each separate asset at your facility;
  • Thorough information on how consumption varies during different equipment activities;
  • Graphical reports that will help to analyze whether there are differences in actual energy consumption from the stated values in the specification of the equipment;
  • Data on how energy consumption has changed over time in the context of one unit of equipment or a production line;
  • Notifications to stakeholders if consumption values exceed a critical value.
  1. To make the warehouse process more effective and automatized AGW Inventory has been upgraded with several new features:
  • Palletizing feature to optimize the receiving process. Putaway of each box separately may be resource and time consuming, but due to palletizing, it is possible to move several boxes in the warehouse at the same time.
  • Batch operations option to the following Warehouse processes: Quality inspection, Putaway and Relocate. This function allows you to perform one operation on several elements or tags at the same time.
  • Multiple tags creation. During the Receiving process you can set the required number of tags to be printed. This feature allows you to create several tags at once with the same parameters when receiving a large number of items.

In addition to these functions we also improved Workstation and Schedule management, AGW Security Tool, Birth history report.

AGW is continuously developed product that responds the last trends of industry.  It is designed and improved to provide optimal solutions to meet all the needs of modern manufacturing.

Reach out to OLSOM to find out more about the AGW 2022.02 release and begin your journey to manufacturing excellence.