New AGW 2023.02 Release

Software update
26 Jan 2024

We are thrilled to introduce the latest AGW 2023.02 release! In this update we’ve implemented significant enhancements to elevate the efficiency and quality of your manufacturing processes while enhancing general usability and experience of AGW.

Reason Management

Analyzing data is at the core of quality improvement, driving us to continually develop features for enhanced data acquisition and accuracy. The Reason Management pages now feature an Import functionality, facilitating quicker maintenance of reasons data. Notifications have been extended to all reason types, enabling automatic alerts for defects, downtimes, and scrap, ensuring swift responses to critical issues.

Qualification Matrix Upgrades  

People matters – employees, their knowledge, skills and qualifications can be crucial for some jobs and processes. Recognizing this importance, our Qualification Matrix enhancements offer a combined view of station and tool qualifications. The updated interface, interlinked filters, and efficient data management simplify qualification updates, contributing to overall management efficiency.

Maintenance Stages Enhancement

For maintenance processes, we’ve introduced the ability to assign and view work instructions. This ensures workers can easily double-check their actions during complex procedures. Additionally, spare parts usage can now be applied seamlessly during maintenance, saving time and optimizing production.

Security Section in AGW Portal

Cybersecurity in manufacturing is a critical system ensuring resilience, integrity, and confidentiality in the digital landscape. Prioritizing cybersecurity, the AGW Portal now allows seamless updating and assigning of security roles and functions, providing centralized control over employee access and actions. This guarantees secure plant operations, managed exclusively by accountable personnel. 

AGW Portal Upgrades

In this release, we’ve not only enhanced functionalities but also prioritized the overall usability and customer experience. Our AGW Portal pages now feature improved loading speed, enhanced security, a user-friendly design, and a cohesive interface across all AGW applications.

For a detailed overview, the full release notes are available upon request.