AGW’s Quality Module: Ensuring Comprehensive Quality Control in Manufacturing

12 Apr 2024

In today’s competitive manufacturing landscape, minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency are crucial for profitability and sustainability. Scrap and low-quality products lead to financial losses, delays, decreased efficiency, and reputational damage. Addressing these challenges requires accurate data collection, root cause analysis, and proactive measures.

AGW solution offers a comprehensive Quality Module that enables manufacturers to proactively identify and prevent quality issues before they occur, resulting in reduced waste and improved product quality. It addresses common issues faced by quality managers:

  1. Accurate scrap data collection for effective process improvement;
  2. Methodology analysis to determine the root causes of scrap;
  3. Techniques for reducing, preventing and eliminating scrap in manufacturing processes.

Data collection includes two modes:

  • Manual Mode:

AGW’s Waste Prevention feature minimizes production losses by enabling real-time detection and reporting of process deviations. Operators report defects via the AGW user interface, preventing further processing of suspicious products.

  • Automatic Mode: 

AGW swiftly captures defective conditions from production lines and machines using sensors, cameras, and testing equipment. Irreversibly damaged items are promptly classified as scrap, preventing further waste accumulation.

The Analysis Tools feature includes:

  • Detailed Reporting:

Comprehensive scrap details reports aid in identifying manufacturing weaknesses and reducing waste. By analyzing common causes of scrap, you can implement measures to prevent waste and improve overall efficiency and profitability. Pareto Charts highlight top reasons for failure, aiding in pinpointing bottlenecks and addressing major issues.

– Traceability and Reporting:

AGW’s Track and Trace module enables seamless tracking of goods, processes, personnel, and raw materials throughout production. This ensures compliance with standards and prevents the release of low-quality products. With all data stored in one place, tracking item location and status is effortless. AGW also offers out-of-the-box reports like Birth List and Genealogy, providing comprehensive item historical data.

– SPC:

Statistical Process Control (SPC) monitors production quality by detecting patterns and generating reports, enabling proactive problem prevention by identifying negative factors.

  • Operator Data:

Various operator performance reports aid in evaluating work and productivity. Tracking scrapped items by operator and station aids in error identification. Combining scrap rate analysis with operators’ statistics provides insights into employee efficiency.

Waste prevention strategies include:

  • Operator Assistance:

Specifications and instructions, including video guidance, are available for operators directly from the Workstation screen. This aims to help employees control the production process and avoid mistakes. The Personnel Management module digitizes all instructions and documentation.

A qualification matrix limits equipment access to qualified specialists, reducing errors from unqualified personnel.

Checklists accompany various production processes, aiding personnel in monitoring the correct sequence of operations. Whether setting a new tool, maintaining equipment, or assembling products, checklists ensure accuracy and minimize errors.

  • Quality Wall:

In addition to tracking item quality at each process step, this final quality inspection ensures batches are defect-free before release, blocking the spread of defects and enabling defect tracking at any production stage.