AGW subscription: main benefits of becoming our customer

15 Sep 2023

More and more software products in different industries become subscription-based. As a platform that works primarily with large corporation, we understand the benefits of subscription model for small and middle-sized enterprises. So we’re compiled this article to help you understand what you’ll get when you become an AGW subscription customer.

How does AGW subscription model work?

The first step towards becoming our clients after the initial meetup is performing a thorough audit of your facility. This allows us to determine your production capabilities, equipment availability, current shop floor plan, etc. 

Then we set up the infrastructure, connect your facility equipment with our servers via kepware or other connectivity protocols and start mining data. Over a month, you’ll see the real capacities of your production load within the network, and can decide whether you want to scale the AGW platform to your entire facility.

Benefits you get when becoming a customer

#1 Low Entry Threshold

We believe that the easiest way to make a decision about adopting a new technology is to see that technology in action. That’s why we allow our subscription customers to install the AGW Suite at a single workstation at their facility for the first-hand experience. This option introduces the plant manager and shop floor workers to complete functionality of our MES:

  • data collection and monitoring in real-time;
  • quality management and control;
  • scheduling and conducting maintenance and changeovers of the equipment;
  • data analytics and reporting tools;
  • warehouse management.

During the first month, shop floor workers and plant management can familiarize themselves with AGW modules and functions, monitor production processes and compare the parameters with the periods prior to the AGW installation.

This incremental way of adopting new technology bears low risks and allows for gradual upscale, if the customer remains satisfied.

#2 The ability to choose between capital expenditure (CapEx) and operational expenditure (OpEx)

As your facility grows and develops, you might want to outline the approximate budget for capital and operational expenditure.

Capital expenditure at the facility typically appears in the form of purchased equipment, new assembly lines, warehouse and office buildings and other assets that are intended to benefit your facility for more than one year. Their price decreases over time due to amortization and depreciation.

Operational expenditure is day-to-day expenses at the facility: utility bills, wages, equipment maintenance and repair, consumable goods, etc. Their costs are volatile.

When it comes to the AGW subscription, you can write it down as CapEx or OpEx depending on your goals. 

#3 Flexibility of the subscription model

AGW subscription consists of three main parts:

  • Subscription body — all the components listed in the package;
  • Maintenance fee — platform and service architecture upgrades;
  • Support fees.

You can pick between three configurations of the subscription model, based on your budget, the number of workstation, and the option for future scalability. 

#4 Different product support models

One of the biggest advantages of choosing the AGW platform for your facility is getting unparalleled support from our Delivery team. Currently, we’re offering two product support schedules:

  • 8/5 support for critical infrastructure, tied to the particular shifts;
  • 24/7 support and monitoring for AGW network at your facility.

Both support models are included in every package team and utilize the same Service Level Agreement, which can be easily tailored to the needs of your facility. Our expert will offer you full support of the AGW network and solve any issues that might come up during its use.