AGW Solution Library: Redefining Product Delivery

19 Oct 2023

At OLSOM, we believe in going the extra mile to meet the needs of our customers.

With a track record of numerous successful cases, we’ve decided to transform our approach to product delivery by creating the AGW Solution Library!

Each of our projects now serves as a template for future ones. We’ve turned the most common station types we work with into ready-to-use solutions for our upcoming customers. Due to the low-code no-code principle, such an approach gives huge benefits. Each template includes a detailed description of the business logic, the associated processes, and а diagram. 

Why is it important?

Introducing our open Solution Library offers several key benefits:

  1. Faster AGW Integration: Our MES consultants can use pre-made AGW system templates, saving time and effort. Customers can connect new stations with minimal assistance thanks to AGW’s user-friendly design.
  2. Efficient Support: Our support team is familiar with these solutions, reducing potential issues and making support smoother.
  3. Consistency and Credibility: These solutions establish a consistent and trustworthy image of our product, making it more reliable.
  4. Boosted Collaboration: Our Solution Library fosters collaboration, encouraging teams to work together efficiently.
  5. Developing partnerships: This approach helps us reach new markets, expand our partnerships and makes our product more accessible. To provide the best service for our customers we also collaborate with VAR and Integrators partners.

What solutions do we have?

Currently, we have developed a few solution templates that are actively used in our projects:

  • Production counter for IMM — a template to connect, launch, and operate the injection molding machine.
  • Container printing for IMM – you can use this solution If you need to print a label when the container is packed to support logistics and transportation. Labels provide product labeling as well as information about the product and the quantity in the container.
  • Label printing station template — allows your customer to generate and print the labels on the sideline printer for assembly lines.

How do we use the AGW Solution Library?

Imagine a customer wants us to create a production line with workstations like kitting, assembly, merging, welding, testing, and packing.

Our team checks the customer’s needs and then uses matching templates from our solution library. They use our AGW configurator to set up a new project. The next step is to use these templates to create two information scenarios for the production process:

  1. Process diagrams: They serve as pre-configured algorithms ready to be connected to a database. These diagrams resemble low-code blocks, with each block representing a specific functionality.
  2. Workflow: These are plans for each workstation involved in making the product.

A solution template speeds up the integration process in case our customer has a limited timeframe. Instead of starting from scratch, it reduces the time and resources needed by 2-3 times. The process diagram also comes with conditions for various scenarios, so setting up the workflow only takes a few minutes

Another big advantage is that the template solution is based on real cases that have already been tested. If you create a diagram from scratch, not only does it take months to make, but you might need a few years to test it, fix any problems, and make it work smoothly.

We decided to skip this time-consuming step altogether and instead, we build our templates based on proven, working diagrams. These templates can be quickly adjusted to fit new project requirements, making them ideal for getting new projects up and running. Even if we encounter any issues, we can easily fix them in all the previous versions of the same template that we use for other projects.