AGW Inventory: Transforming Warehouse Efficiency

29 Nov 2023

Our AGW product stands as a complex and flexible solution crafted to enable advanced factory automation for our customers. Today, let’s explore the Inventory module, widely used in logistics, warehouse management, and supply chain operations.

AGW Inventory is designed to provide practical solutions for efficient inventory control and optimization. It seamlessly oversees and enhances the entire warehouse lifecycle, from the reception of raw materials to the departure of finished products, enabling data-driven decisions and strategic planning for effective warehouse management.     

Tailored to address the most common challenges faced by inventory managers, AGW Inventory offers:

  1. Efficient Warehouse Operations:

AGW Inventory streamlines all warehouse operations, from swift raw material reception to seamless product shipment. Its user-friendly interface assists personnel with day-to-day inventory management tasks, enhancing efficiency.

2. Real-time Tracking and Priority Management:

Provides up-to-the-minute information on inventory quantities, locations, statuses, and event history for informed decision-making. Enables the creation of prioritization rules, ensuring that high-priority items are issued first. These rules can be configured based on expiration dates to minimize waste or spoilage risks.

3. Continuous Production Support:

Balances stock demand and supply to ensure uninterrupted production. Detailed stock reports offer comprehensive information into inbounds and outbounds, while Tags Stock provides information on stored tags, including status, reserved quantities, batch numbers, and expiration dates.

4. Easy Tag Management:

AGW enables tags creation and editing for incoming products, ensuring accurate tracking and management throughout the warehouse lifecycle. Tags act as precise identifiers for Handling Units (HU) in stock. AGW’s flexibility allows effortless tag adjustments at any stage of the production cycle, ensuring real-time stock information.

5. Detailed Reporting and Storage Space Optimization:

Provides comprehensive real-time reports on storage availability and weight distribution across racks, preventing excess stock. The Utilization Report ensures effective space usage, with details on available stock volume and weight in both raw and percentage values, keeping you informed in managing your warehouse space. Additionally, AGW Inventory supports the relocation process for materials when storage optimization is required, facilitating easy recording and synchronization of data.