AGW 2023.01 Release: Focus on a Smooth User Experience

Software update
06 Jul 2023

We’re happy to announce the new version of AGW Suite. The 2023.01 version contains a few important updates that create better user experience on all levels:

Reporting dashboards

Aside from creating detailed reports by any parameter, AGW now allows you to create reporting dashboards with different visualizations displayed side-by-side. This contributes to a more comprehensive data analysis and allows you to work with bigger arrays of information on a user-friendly interface without sacrificing the system performance.

New functions for Inventory module

Our Inventory app has got the new Replenishment page, which allows you to create demands without switching between screens. 

Declaring scrap and downtimes made easier

We added the Sequence feature directly into our Workstation to help you make changes in the production process faster. Along with that, you can now declare scrapped parts in groups, or choose the last declared part as a template for new ones to skip data entry for each part.

Plus, we upgraded our Scan Serial Number feature, and now you can set this step as mandatory right on the Scrap page. This will help you avoid scrapping extra parts and improve control over the scrapping process.

Avoid errors with new Checklist feature

Now you can forward your workers directly to the Checklist page upon the completion of any scheduled maintenance. This way you can ensure that every step is completed and marked, and minimize human errors.

More screen customization options for workstation

We added a few more preset screens to the Workstation library and improved the functionality of the existing ones. You can now resize the HMI screens, merge or split blocks, and tweak the parameters on the screen to make it tailored to a particular production process.

Have you updated your AGW Suite? Let us know what you think about the new updates!