Start 2021 Journey with AGW 2020.02

Software update
31 Dec 2020

We are proud to announce the regular year end release of AGW software – AGW 2020.02. AGW is a suite of software products for manufacturing companies committed to becoming a better business. AGW solutions assist you in improving your ROI, automating your workflow, and eliminating errors. They are also perfect for real-time manufacturing data processing and global shop floor operations visibility.
AGW 2020.02 keeps on the roadway to the excellence. Both MES and WMS Portals continue transformation to the new technology and the new adaptable user experience enabling user access to the applications from anywhere.
From now on, AGW MES supports a new capability to build the same product with different production routes. It also improves visibility of routes for complex products with many interim operations including sub-assembly. Reporting capabilities are extended with the dozen of new standard graphical reports.
All AGW applications received user usability enhancements as well as improved logging and troubleshooting capabilities.
Reach out to OLSOM to find out more about the AGW 2020.02 release and begin your journey to manufacturing excellence.