AGW 2020.01 Release

Software update
21 Jul 2020

We are proud to announce the AGW 2020.01 Release in July 2020. AGW is a suite of software products for manufacturing companies committed to becoming a better business. AGW solutions assist you in improving your ROI, automating your workflow, and eliminating errors. They are also perfect for real-time manufacturing data processing and global shop floor operations visibility.


AGW 2020.01 introduces the reworked Production Management Station (former “OEE Workstation”) in a new technological and graphical design. The state-of-the-art application brings a new user experience. It is adapted to run on any gadget with an HTML5 compatible web browser including tablets, phones, and other mobile devices making your shop floor even more mobile than ever.


We also apply a configurable approach for various checklists, extended AGW reporting capabilities with 15 new graphical reports, and included user usability enhancements.


Reach out to OLSOM to find out more about the AGW 2020.01 release and begin your journey to manufacturing excellence.