OLSOM offers technology consulting services for building manufacturing excellence strategies. We assist you in building cutting-edge and agile IT-solutions. Here’s how we achieve this:


  • Year of experience. OLSOM has been delivering reliable and scalable software solutions since 2009;
  • Best practices. Our IT-consultants understand the best practices for improving your business processes;
  • Lean manufacturing thinking. OSLOM consulting experts trim the fat off your manufacturing;
  • Profound knowledge of manufacturing IT-technologies. We know the right tools for enhancing your industrial processes.


OLSOM IT-consulting services start with an in-depth study of your manufacturing technology. We work closely with engineers, MP&Ls, factory IT-department, and other vendors to gather the needed metrics. 


As soon as we can see the big picture, the strategy development begins. Here at OLSOM, we understand that tight time frames and budgets are always an issue. This is why our IT-consulting experts figure out the most cost-effective solutions for your business.


OLSOM thinks globally. We focus on improving both current and future budget management of your company. Our services are about delivering significant improvements to your business processes in terms of performance, cost-effectiveness, and quality. Select OLSOM IT-consulting services – invest in your ROI increase.

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