Full-scaled MES Solution

Salseda, Spain
business Task_
Our customer asked us to replace the existing MES at one of their facilities in Spain. Along with that, they needed a more advanced functionality from our MES to be able to meet their suppliers’ requirements.
Our Service and Engineering teams worked together to add some new functions to the AGW MES software. Thanks to its flexibility, they were able to create a complex solution in 6 months until the first iteration. Currently, we continue working with this customer and adjust our MES to better fit their needs.
Key challenges
Replacing the existing MES software was quite a challenge because we had to do it smoothly without losing data from the traceability network and compromising the equipment availability. There were language difficulties too, as the support team on a customer’s side doesn’t know English very well. However, we managed to find common ground and replace the legacy MES without losing all the necessary data.