Warehouse management solution

Nitra, Slovakia
business Task_
Our customer wanted to make the warehouse management more transparent and minimize production stops linked to stock deficit. They required us to create a visual monitoring solution for warehouse processes, complete with a real-time notification system.
Our Engineering team developed and expanded the Inventory module, specifically created for warehouse management. This module allows to clearly see the processes happening inside warehouse, starting from reception. It also creates detailed reports for current stock balance, weight on rack, and can be customized to display specific limits for deficit and overstock. The system will send an authorized person a notification when those limits are reached.
Key challenges
We haven’t had any prior experience in developing WMS systems that encompass all the warehouse management processes, and the customer’s brief wasn’t quite clear from the start. However, we worked closely with a customer on each project stage. Through a series of follow-ups and extra communication, we’ve got to a consensus and developed a product that can cover all warehouse processes in real time.