Traceability and reporting

Nitra, Slovakia
business Task_
Our customer asked us to implement data extraction from an external database and prepare all the necessary reports for the process. They also wanted us to integrate the existing traceability stations with the AGW system to ensure process control and real-time data collection
We developed the first solution for extracting data from an external database and populating it to the AGW database. Along with that, AGW flexibility allowed us to quickly enable all the necessary communication іnterfaces and ensure the proper parameters' data transferring.
Key challenges
During this project, we faced a few challenges. First, the external database was highly customized (without following any normalization rules). A huge amount of traceability data was encoded in different types of algorithms that we were unfamiliar with at the time of development. Also, the initial PLC program design was overly complicated, which, along with the lack of the necessary communication capabilities and existing hardware limitations, lead to locking of some functional blocks of the program, and we spent some time trying to figure that out.