Overall Equipment Efficiency is the KPI representing the effectiveness of your manufacturing operations. OLSOM offers an out-of-the-bot software product for visualizing OEE metrics. Here are the edges of our ready-made software solution:


  • Intuitive manufacturing KPI visualization;
  • KPI analysis;
  • Highly integratable modular core.


AGW OEE is the perfect solution for businesses seeking explicit KPI visualization without other MES features.

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Personnel Management

Monitor your employee activity and make sure they are qualified to work on your equipment.

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Production Scheduling

Plan your production in advance. Schedule specific products to be produced on the specific manufacturing equipment on your assembly lines.

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Production Metrics

Improve your manufacturing KPIs with AGW OEE. Our solution provides both runtime visibility and historical production data.

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Defect Analysis

Increase your quality metrics by discovering and eliminating the most common defect causes.

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Downtime Analysis

Reduce your unplanned downtime duration by discovering and eliminating the most common downtime causes.

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Maintenance Management

Organize your maintenance and alert your employees about upcoming maintenance. Isolate the maintenance-related items (technical jobs and etalons) from regular production.

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Implement the checklist functionality to study the equipment setup and to gather statistics on OK/NOK settings.

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Documentation Management

Put your operator guidelines and training on track with AGW OEE. OLSOM software enables you to manage your equipment and process documentation.

Real-time visibility

Monitor your factory processes in real-time. View the critical production indicators on AGW OEE Dashboards. Receive instant alerts on manufacturing issues via email or paging messaging systems along with dashboard notifications.

Web-based solution

AGW OEE is compatible with on-premises servers and cloud hosting. Select a suitable platform and access AGW OEE via modern web browsers.

Reporting system

AGW OEE exposes a broad range of customizable reports. You can order custom AGW report development from our system integration specialists or set up your reports with AGW Report Designer.


Here at OLSOM, we understand how crucial solution customization is. This is why we made AGW OEE core configurable. Customize object properties and names, change UI layout, and perform many other changes without touching the code. Integrate AGW OEE with other MES modules to build a holistic manufacturing ecosystem.

Built-in software interfaces

With AGW OEE interfaces, you can establish a robust communication between MES and your plant floor equipment, ERP systems, quality systems, and other manufacturing applications and technologies.