Here at OLSOM, we understand that sophisticated manufacturing environments face numerous challenges on their path to manufacturing excellence nowadays. These include but are not limited to the significant volumes of complex design solutions and production data. You need to collect, consolidate, transform, and deliver the data securely and timely to aim at cloud infrastructure and Industry 4.0.


OLSOM introduces AGW IP – a flexible and highly-performant real-time integration platform. AGW IP is the core technology of the OLSOM software package. It addresses the challenges of IIOT and BPM business processes.

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Data Exchange

AGW IP exposes a rich library of interfaces for communication with plant floor equipment, databases, ERP systems, and other manufacturing applications. Connect torque guns or any other plant floor equipment in a few clicks. The AGW IP technology allows flexible data processing and dynamic process scripting. This enables you to process, send, and store production data the way you need.

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Label Printing

Design and print your production, quantity, and container labels with an embedded WYSIWYG label designer.

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Human-Machine Interface (HMI)

AGW IP offers a WYSIWYG HMI designer for your operator and equipment screens. Flexible AGW screens are compatible with desktop and mobile.

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Workflow Execution

AGW IP introduces two core technologies: AGW Diagram and AGW Workflow. While AGW Diagram represents the process scenario, AGW Workflow invokes the instance of AGW Diagram with the equipment-specific parameters. This design allows you to reuse the same process script (AGW Diagram) for multiple plant floor stations and build sophisticated yet exceedingly efficient solutions.


AGW IP is a truly flexible solution due to its modular core and dynamic workflows. This enables a broad audience of system integrators to modify and customize AGW solutions to meet customer requirements. AGW IP platform implements Microsoft Jscript scripting, which extends AGW solutions flexibility even more.

Support for multiple UI languages

AGW IP provides full support of the UI localization. Save your HMI messages in different languages and switch between them in a single click anytime you need.


Whether you need a single-PC solution, multi-server network, or a cloud-based system, AGW IP core allows scaling your software solution to a needed extent. AGW software products address the issue of performance, load balancing, availability, and many other metrics.

Change Management

AGW IP exposes a version management functionality. It enables you to monitor changes, compare configuration revisions, and rollback updates.