At OLSOM we understand mission critical environments and importance of operations continuity for your business. Your business process can’t afford to have excessive downtime due to the nature of customer commitments and time sensitivities for delivery. With that in mind, we have developed and offer production support services used by global customers.


We provide our customers with 24×7 personalized, real-time support by qualified technicians 365 days a year.


Our support team uses remotely controlled software, secured over a Virtual Private Network, to directly detect root cause and apply remedy within minutes of your call.


Our support services are scaled to the size of your company: from integrated into Global Service Desk towers of big corporations to per-demand support calls for small companies. OLSOM provides support whenever you need. Even earlier than you might need it. Tools for proactive monitoring and health check developed and offered by OLSOM allow detecting of most pre-failure conditions before they start impacting your business minimizing downtimes.

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