OLSOM announces the release of AGW 4.0

Enterprise glance to manufacturing visibility


In early January 2019 OLSOM is proud to release AGW 4.0 to market. AGW is a suite of software products for manufacturing and logistic companies  committed to improve your ROI thru digital transformation of information flows, work flow automation, proactive error proofing, real time processing of manufacturing data and global visibility of plant floor operations.



AGW 4.0 implements modern technologies to unlock instant visibility of manufacturing performance throughout entire enterprise. The new member of AGW suite AGW Visactory module enables access to manufacturing KPI’s anytime and anywhere. Web based application AGW Visactory provides  capabilities to design dashboards of various manufacturing KPI’s like OEE, BTS, TEEP, FPY and many others and present real time values of these KPI’s on  different devices including TV panels, PC’s, laptops, tablets, mobile phones in unified way. Due to implemented cross-enterprise architecture Visactory  dashboards are accessible through entire enterprise enabling real time KPI’s of certain factory, certain work cell or station to authorized actors regardless  of their physical location or device at hand.


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