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AGW Platform / AGW Optimization
business Task_
Maintaining the logic of the business processes of the current system, implement AGW products to improve the production optimization process.


We migrated the old system to AGW, integrated it with the customers' corporate software Optozz.
Implementing AGW products resulted in providing the sequence scenario, order prioritization, control of manufacturing and release process on the plant

We studied the workings of the old system in detail, as well as the current business processes and new requirements in order to match the existing business logic and improve its capabilities.

In the course of our work, we completely replaced the old production system with AGW and supplemented it with new functions which were necessary for production.

The new functionality gives the ability to build instructions in Optozz. The production team has a tool for assigning tasks to operators. Supervisors are now able to create and change work instructions for operators independently and manage incorrect orders.


Key challenges

Our team had limited time to switch from the old system to the new one to avoid any downtime in manufacturing.
The solution from AGW Platform and AGW Visual allowed to improve production management processes, and made order management processes more functional and efficient.