AGW WMS provides control and visibility of your inventory from the time you receive a shipment until finished goods leave your warehouse. AGW WMS is designed to optimize movement of your inventory across your facility. From materials receiving down through the manufacturing process until packing and shipping to the customer AGW WMS helps to direct your inventory in an optimal way providing up-to-the-minute information on the quantity, location, status, and history of every item including work-in-process and finished goods.

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Tracking and Tracing

Tracks inventory from receiving to shipping; including WIP, serial number, SKU attributes, and locations. Tracks stock levels and send alerts when minimum/maximum stock levels are breached. Provides a full suite of history/activity reporting.

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Receiving and Putaway

Manages receiving of goods to incoming stock on a part, or container, or pallet level. Organizes collection and reporting of inbound information (i.e. shipment number, trailer number, palette/container/SKU numbers, quantities and attributes and many others) for further tracking and traceability. Manages automatic routing of incoming goods to the certain location in the stock.

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Advises operator where required inventory can be found (location) and where it shall be moved to. Tracks inventory replenishment job via scanning part/container/pallet and location.

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Manages loading of pallets and containers to trucks. Support of sequenced and batch shipments.

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Picking and Production

In integration with AGW MES allows to advise inventory pickup from the storage and move to manufacturing cells based on production schedule. Confirm picking by scanning part number or serial number. Supports FIFO, LIFO, FEFO picking algorithms. Controls packing in containers and on pallets in various modes (chaos, batch, sequenced)

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Increase/decrease records at the stock location level. Split commodities at pallet and part level.

Real-time visibility

AGW WMS shows the current state of stocks in a real time using various informational dashboards. Instantaneous alerts to problems and exceptions distributed with email or paging messaging systems in parallel to dashboard notifications.

Web based

AGW WMS can be hosted on the in-premises servers or in the cloud and accessed with standard web browsers.


AGW reporting capabilities offer a wide set of various standard reports that can be adapted to customer very special needs. Custom reports can be developed by system integrators or directly by the customers using AGW Report Designer capabilities. Reports can be presented in forms of charts or exported to MS Excel.


Configurable core of AGW WMS allows to not only easily tail the software to the specifics of inventory operations but also customize look and feel of the application (i.e. properties of objects and naming) without changes to the application code. This gives our customers the opportunity of application customization yet keeping it standard and maintainable.


AGW applications are all powered with advanced interfacing capabilities that allow to build robust and efficient interfaces to the RFID, ERP systems, quality systems and any other manufacturing applications.


HMI can be run on PCs, tablets and rugged mobile devices such as bar code scanners used by operatives or fork-lift truck drivers.