OLSOM announces the release of AGW ver.3.7

Manufacturing operations ANYWHERE 


AGW 3.7 accomplishes another step towards platform independence and mobility of your manufacturing operations. It introduces modern HTML5 powered AGW Web HMI, which is a substitution of legacy AGW Screen Executor and AGW Screen Executor CE. Now AGW screens for manufacturing operations are accessible from any HTML5 compatible web browser regardless of the hardware and operating system. The screens are easily scalable to mobile devices such as tablets, phones, data processing terminals, etc.



With new AGW Web HMI you don’t need to install any software on your plant floor PC’s, or mobile devices. Opening hyperlink in your web browser is all you need to do. The new application unlocks a wide variety of devices and operating systems on the plant floor. From industrial PC to Asus Chromebox, from Windows 10 to Android – the new application provides a great support of your corporate standards and budgets.
The last but no least new Web HMI is compatible with legacy AGW operator stations and Windows CE terminals securing seamless enablement of your old AGW screens to web.



Better user experience
From one release to another OLSOM continues usability enhancements of the products. AGW 3.7 is not an exclusion. Dozens of usability enhancements are included in AGW 3.7 as a result of continuous improvement of OLSOM software.


With AGW 3.7, OLSOM is continuing its commitment to delivering the word-class systems for manufacturing and logistics operations that enable their instant transition to the world of excellence. This is achieved through a flexible approach to the digitisation of plant operations, standardisation of processes, process visibility and data analytics.



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