Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) evaluates how effectively manufacturing operations utilized. We offer an out-of-the-box production visualization product for discrete manufacturing. Being built on top of AGW MES it’s focused specifically on the visualization of manufacturing KPI’s. If you are looking explicitly for visualization of your manufacturing processes and KPI analysis and do not require other MES features like traceability or error proofing, AGW OEE is the right selection. Modular structure of AGW products allows easily extend core OEE solution with other MES modules further on the per-need basis.

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Personnel Management

Tracks of who did what and when; make sure workers are properly trained to work on a specific equipment with specific tooling.

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Production Scheduling

Manages detailed schedule of production on certain manufacturing equipment and assembly lines.

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Production Metrics

Improve manufacturing KPI’s through runtime visibility and analysis of historical data.

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Defect Analysis

Improve quality by isolation of mostly frequent defect causes.

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Downtime Analysis

Reduce unplanned downtimes by isolation of mostly frequent downtime causes.

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Maintenance Management

Organize maintenance thresholds and alert maintenance departments of required maintenance. Isolate technical items produced during equipment maintenance procedures and etalons from regular production.

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Organize check lists for equipment setup and analysis of OK/NOK settings.

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Documentation Management

Manage various categories of equipment and process documentation for operator guideline and training.

Real-time visibility

AGW OEE shows the current state of the factory in a real time using various informational dashboards. Instantaneous alerts to problems and exceptions distributed with email or paging messaging systems in parallel to dashboard notifications.

Web based

AGW OEE can be hosted on the in-premises servers or in the cloud and accessed with standard web browsers.


AGW reporting capabilities offer a wide set of various standard reports that can be adapted to customer very special needs. Custom reports can be developed by system integrators or directly by the customers using AGW Report Designer capabilities. Reports can be presented in forms of charts or exported to MS Excel.


Configurable core of AGW OEE allows to not only easily tail the software to the specifics of manufacturing operations but also customize look and feel of the application (i.e. properties of objects and naming) without changes to the application code. This gives our customers the opportunity of application customization yet keeping it standard and maintainable. Upgrade of the AGW OEE system with other MES modules on the per demand basis is easily managed due to the flexibility cored in software design.


AGW applications are all powered with advanced interfacing capabilities that allow to build robust and efficient interfaces to the plant equipment, ERP systems, quality syatems and any other manufacturing applications.